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Hugh Hefner once said, “All the fun happens at night”, and he’s right. Single women put their heels on and let their hair down for a night of male attention in the city. They know they are in competition with each other and make sure they go out looking as hot as possible to attract the highest value men out there.

While it may be true that there is usually no guessing and most women are presenting themselves as single and available at the nightclub bars and venues, they also have their bitch shield up at their highest.

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You see, girls know that on any night in a bar or club, dozens of men will try to engage them in conversation, flirting, and physical contact. All they have to do is doll themselves up and stand around. Then they can decide if any of the many guys who approach them have enough game to warrant their attention or not. Some will even derive pleasure from insulting a guy with a weak approach and sending scurrying with his tail between his legs. Unfortunately, girls like that instill fear in younger, less experienced, thinner skinned guys who fear the rejection to the point where they can no longer approach attractive females they really want, and settle for the friendly fatties and the under fives.

On a positive note, night game usually involves alcohol, which lowers everyone’s inhibitions and allows guys to get further faster than in day game. The girls are more impulsive and will reveal her tells more obviously when intoxicated. Such IOIs include: hair flipping, feminine hand gestures, pushing and touching, prolonged staring, unnecessary giggling, breast boosting and neck reveals.

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Day game is much less intrusive and although women may be less confident without all the hairspray and makeup, this can work to your advantage, as they tend to be more approachable and down to earth. They also do not expect to have ten different guys talking in their ears and trying to grab their waistlines. The atmosphere is far less sexually charged and girls, in turn, tend to be more relaxed.

Because they don’t see every interaction as a guy looking to score, their bitch shield tends to be down or lower enabling for more engaging conversation to take place. If you have the gift of gab, day game may work better for you.

On the other hand, in day game you will first have to establish the availability of the girl before putting your paws all over her. Look for tell tale signs like wedding and engagement rings, family cars, shopping items like men’s clothing or baby items, etc.

If a girl says she has a boyfriend to your open, don’t buy it right away. Most chicks use this comeback as a shit-test, as she knows it will deter lesser men. At first, ignore it or give her a witty response such as, “We’ve only been talking for three minutes and you’re already telling me your problems.” By the way, I have many great field tested responses to common shit tests in the GotPickupLines app. If she continues to mention him or offers you some type of proof he exists, proceed with caution.

Although there are plenty of women who are unhappily married and looking for some romantic action on the side, don’t bed these girls, unless you want to end up running for your life from an engaged psychotic husband. Think O.J.

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If the target says she has a boyfriend, find out how long they’ve been together. If it’s a serious relationship, eject politely by saying, “Pleasure meeting you.”

Although most young attractive women are having sex with someone, that person may not necessarily be a long term boyfriend. Many times he is a transitional guy who she sleeps with out of convenience or because he’s a chump who enjoys waiting on her hand and foot.

If she badmouths him in any way such as calling him boring or cheap, or calls him an asshole for cheating on her, consider that the green light for you to move in. Then simply begin the kino escalation and wait for the IOIs (indicators of interest).

Although night bar/club game is definitely more challenge, you may find it a more efficient use of your time as you can hit up more girls per hour with a shorter start to close process. Day game may require more time and conversation investment, but you may find the targets to be nicer and more receptive. It all boils down to personal choice and which environment works best for your personality type.

For the very best day game and night game openers, checkout the GotPickupLines app.

Please comment below on your preference and why you find one works better for you.

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