Kyle’s Club Kiss and Number Close

Watch Kyle’s infield as he overcomes cockblocks and reveals his kino technique to kiss and number close. For the ultimate night club openers, cockblock responses and more checkout the Got Pickup Lines app at

Girls Give Advice on How to Open

When being asked for advice about what attracts them, women will either lie to you and/or themselves, or they’ll offer contradictory advice altogether. In any case, never ask a fish how to get caught. Ask the fisherman. For real field tested openers, checkout the Got Pickup Lines app at

Daygame vs Nightgame

Hugh Hefner once said, “All the fun happens at night”, and he’s right. Single women put their heels on and let their hair down for a night of male attention in the city. They know they are in competition with each other and make sure they go out looking as hot as possible to attract… Continue reading Daygame vs Nightgame

Night Game System: Take Over Any Nightclub & Party Like A Rockstar

Richard LaRuina AKA Gambler teaches the secrets to taking over ANY nightclub… getting free drinks, the finest women and partying like a rockstar. This is his personal night game system. If you like what you see click the link at the bottom of the video to the “Unlock Her Legs” amazing Gambler system.