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This article deals specifically with pulling girls from bars and clubs in night game. It can be a much faster process than that of day game, as many girls are there for the same reasons that we are.

girl pulling the guy's tieMost newbies think they need to wait until the last hour before the bar closes to try to pull. By doing this, however, you may be missing out on many opportunities and setting yourself up for another night of porn and video games.

Many girls who come to the bar with the goal of hooking up are more than willing to leave early with a guy whom they find attractive and meets a few of her other criteria (safe, sane, discreet).

The problem with waiting until the final moments to try to get the girl to come home is that girls feel the social pressure to leave with the same friends with whom they came to the venue. Part of their unspoken pact is that they’ll end the night together, eating at a diner, going to the after party, or whatever. It’s a form of social control with the consequence of slut judgement under the pretext that they are “making sure each other gets home safely.”

At the end of the night, the spell of the moment is broken and girls get back in their heads, worried about looking good in front of their friends.

They key then, is to try to pull her while the iron is hot with the promise that you’ll bring her back to the venue later. When she’s in the moment, isolated and feeling you, you’re more likely to win the internal battle she has going on in her head.

seeding the pull“Seeding the pull” is the idea of planting the idea that she will be leaving the bar with you in the future. You can do this early in the interaction (after comfort and rapport have been established), as it’s a good way to prime her as well as screen out time wasters who aren’t DTF. Sexualizing before seeding will give you a higher response rate, but requires more time investment in the target. The way it works is you basically make a proposition that gives her plausible deniability, while at the same time countering the expected objections with responses.

For example the conversation might go something like this:

Me: “So Jenny, it’s my friends birthday and we’re going have music and drinks later at my place, you should come.”

Jenny: “I would like to but I’m here with my friends and I can’t really leave them.”

Me (common objection response): “Don’t worry, they can come too. We’ll text them the address.”

Jenny: “Maybe some other time, I have to be up at 7 for work tomorrow.”

Me (common objection response): “Me too, I have to be up at 6. Let’s just have one little drink then, I promise not to keep you out late.”

* There are many other optimized objection responses. You can find them in the GotPickupLines app. 

If she gives you a vague answer it’s time to enact plan B; time to get her out to the street.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the bar “to get some air” only to end up fooling around and/or fucking in my car. Once you get her wet, she’ll find a way to fuck you without her friends knowing. Continue kino escalating, as this will keep her present and feeling you, rather than thinking about any repercussions of hooking up.

Help her by suggesting a plan where you take her back to her friends so she can end the night with them and then she texts you after being dropped off. Also, remember that you don’t have to stay with her the entire night. You can drop her off while the night is still young saying you have to get back to your friends and continue pulling (at a different venue if you’re interested in seeing her again).

The deal breakers are if she’s with a family member (brother, mom, sister, etc), if she’s the designated driver (others are depending on her to get around), she’s married, etc. Getting this information out of her sooner rather than later is better for you anyway so you can cut bait and move to the next target without wasting any more valuable time.

Once you get her into the car and she’s willing to go back to your place, she may be concerned about the distance and time she’ll be spending away from her friends. Make sure you tell her that you live no more than 15 minutes away (even if it’s longer). She has to feel as though she can come back easily at any time. If your spot is further than 15 minutes away distract her with good conversation and if she complains that it’s further than 15 minutes, tell her that you normally drive much faster, but don’t want her to get car sick.

kissing in the carMake sure that you’ve kissed/ fondled her before getting to your place. It will greatly lessen the chance of last minute resistance, as she will already feel comfortable being sexual with you.

These pulling strategies apply to American chicks mostly, who are riddled with slut judgement. You may live in a more progressive area where such shenanigans are unnecessary just to get intimate with a girl in private.

By the way, I have assembled all the best pull lines (aka closers) in the best phone app for pickup available at Got Pickup Lines. Feel free to share any tactics you’ve used to pull girls successfully in night game.

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