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Women looking for clues to know whether or not you are a high value male. Whether you are aware or not, they are studying many social interactions around them. One of the determining factors in their judgement, believe it or not, is how desirable you are to other women. Unfortunately, most girls are like lemmings, they want what others want simply because it must be desirable if others want it.

As guys, we don’t make the rules, we just play the game. Therefore it is important that you create this high value perception by engaging in fun interactions with as many women as possible so that your potential targets see you as a high value male. This is otherwise known as social proof.

There are two schools of thought on this issue that are highly contested by pickup artists in the community to this day.


One school of thought says the quality of the girls with whom you are interacting is irrelevant. Even if your are entertaining a fat, fugly or sloppy girl, other girls still see you as having desirable social qualities. The main thing they care about is that you are comfortable around the opposite sex and are not nervous or awkward in the interaction. Simply being nice or entertaining to a less desirable female doesn’t lose you any value points and is definitely better than not talking to any females at all.

Then there is another camp of PUAs that says that women judge not only the interaction, but the quality of the woman with whom you are interacting. Since women are always comparing themselves to one another, if you engage a lower value female, in their eyes, you must be a lower value male as well.

I tend to determine the best course of action depending on what the other men are doing in the room. At many bars it’s typical to see the guys all standing around trying to look cool while they get drunk enough to decide which girl to approach. This situation is ideal since you can make yourself stand out by appearing friendly and fun from the start. You be the first guy out on the dance floor and flirt with many girls. Even the hot girls will approve since they will see you as happy go lucky and after all “girls just wanna have fun.”


On the other hand, if the guys have lost their inhibitions and are making moves left and right, the women are being bombarded with male attention and will begin to judge men as being desperate and lower value or selective and higher value. In this case, don’t get caught talking to or dancing with sloppy girls. Hot girls will dismiss you as having a guy with no standards. They wouldn’t get caught dead associating with those girls and if you do you are beneath their standards as well.

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Whichever school of thought you decide to follow, both camps agree that early interaction is key. If you stand around for an hour without engaging females, it makes them nervous. Walk around making contact with several sets even for just a minute or two helps build rapport and establish comfort. Comfort is the key to progressing in all aspects of club game. After comfort is established you can later come back and start building attraction.

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