How I Banged 2 Girls Way Outside My League

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way out of my leagueHot girls (HBs 7-9) are actually more self conscious and insecure than average, and even ugly girls. The reason is that most have been praised solely for their beauty. They know that guys have been extra nice to them in trying to get in their pants since middle school.

Their self esteem is and has always been based on how others judge/accept them rather than based on how they feel about themselves, their accomplishments, or who they are as decent people. It’s the reason so many hot girls are shallow airheads. They spent their entire lives looking in the mirror and failed to develop any other notable human qualities. They have no solid foundation on which to base their self esteem.

Therefore, how she sees herself in her relation to the guy is based on his reactions/ behavior towards her. Most guys bend over backwards and project inferiority in her eyes, when they stare in awe, fumble for words, ask to walk her to her car, kino with trepidation or dozens of other chode behaviors. Once she determines his inferior status by how he speaks and acts around her, she blows him off like the ego servant he is.

What the hot girl really seeks is to meet her match; the male who is unfazed by her beauty and values himself above that. For, to him, beautiful girls are a dime a dozen and easily conquered.

Many alphas take it upon themselves to act like assholes and jerks towards hot women to achieve this effect, and it does work sometimes. However, if it doesn’t fit with the rest of your personality, it can come off as disingenuous. If she smells a fake, she’ll blow you off just as easily.

Since I am not a natural or an alpha, I decided to test a different strategy that has since worked very effectively at getting girls that are far above my league (leagues are quite relative, and many argue they don’t exist, but that’s an article for another day). This method doesn’t get you same night lays and it requires some patience, as it is a long game strategy, but amazing results are obtainable and repeatable.

What I did was basically an attention drop and take away that was so sudden and unexpected, the girl was left questioning herself, the interaction, and her entire mechanism for judging my value. It’s so out of left field that she becomes obsessed with trying to get me. I do this with several hot girls in the area so that I don’t develop oneitis, which can easily put you back in friendzone territory.

tall asian girlMy first target was this beautiful, yet exotically tall, Asian girl (about 6’1”). When girls are that tall, two things happen: They feel awkward around other girls of average height and they are very friendly with shorter guys who are not physically intimidating to them. The first time I met her, I made sure not to make a comment about her height, as I’m sure most guys would have, but instead, told her that I really liked her long shiny black hair.

“I want to come over, just to use some of that expensive girl shampoo you have”, I said, to which she responded with an extended laugh. As soon as she laughed I pushed her a little causing her to lose her balance. “Coordinated, too, I like that.” More laughter. “Who are you?”, she asked, and I knew she was interested. She told me she had to use the restroom, but she’d be right back. I dipped out anyway, knowing I had made an impression.

I saw her a few months later at a dance club and she immediately recognized me and offered to buy me a drink. It was interview time and she wanted to know what made me tick. Sipping our martinis, we looked into each others eyes and talked about favorite actors, music, etc. She wanted to know who I came with. Hot girls always look for social proof that you are liked by other people. I told her I had come with a friend who had hooked up with a girl and left me stranded. She asked me if “we” hook up with girls at the clubs often.

PUAs recognize questions like that as a shit-test to see if you will reveal your fondness for her. I threw her a curve ball by saying, “I used to, but I find that most girls don’t really do it for me anymore.” I tell her about a great dance spot on Monday nights and tell her she should come. I hand her my phone and tell her to put her number in. She complies instantly and I text her mine.

All of a sudden a group of four guys she knew come in. She, being the attention whore that most hot girls are, jumps out of her seat and practically leaps into their arms. They take turns picking her up and spinning her around. All of them cop a feel, as she’s buzzed by now. These guys are quite tall jock alphas, and I know I can’t compete with them physically. Plus, her behavior merited an attention drop. I decided to go the extra step and bail completely as soon as she was distracted.

I went to another venue, gaming new girls, and forgot all about her. She texted me about 30 minutes later, asking me where I had gone. I told her that I had met up with some friends and they dragged me to another bar. But I told her it was great talking to her and that we should hang out soon. I never called her.

The following week, she showed up at the dance club I had recommended. The place was packed. She walked by and I greeted her with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I asked her how she’d been. She said she was good and that she’d be right back because she had to use the restroom. I squeezed her hand before letting her go to send her a sexual tension vibe, she squeezed back which was a total IOI. She was so tall that I could see her from across the club. She used the restroom, but took a while coming back, as she decided to talk to guys who were grabbing her hand and pulling her in for a quick flirt.

I noticed this and decided it was time to punish her again for not returning immediately to my side. Once again I bounced and went to another club. And once again, she sent me the frantic text a few minutes later asking me what had happened to me. I told her that I had waited but had to work early the next day, but that we should hang out soon.

Hot girls are very competitive. She knew I was lying to her about why I had left, but she couldn’t understand why. It was so contradictory to the behavior of guys who found her hot and wanted to get with her. Could there have been another girl that I was more into that I didn’t want her to know about? Curiosity killed the cat, and the pussy.

She called me a few days later asking me to hang out. To make a long story short, the pussy was mine and I could have made her my girlfriend had I decided to. But I had come too far to stop now.

JessicaThere was another girl Jessica, I met at a bar, who had a ridiculous body. She was so proud of it, infact, that she confided in me that she had worked as a stripper to pay her way through college. I had to focus on her face, which was kind of goofy, to keep from losing my cool with her. She came with her girlfriend (a cute but very overweight chick) that I wasn’t in the least bit interested.

By the way guys, any girl with a body like Jessica Rabbit is not to be trusted and never to be kow-towed to. She has an app always running in her brain that is designed to detect and exploit male weakness.

I kinoed her right away, as a 9’s first test is often to see if you are intimidated by her curves. Lesser men wouldn’t dare touch a girl so soon for fear of scaring her off. But a man who regularly interacts with models, plays with them as if they were meant to be touched.

A twirl and a dip on the dance floor is all it took to show her that I was confident in her presence.

Then she asked me to do some shots with her. She was so hot in that tube top and miniskirt that I let my guard drop and broke my #1 cardinal rule: never buy a girl a drink unless she kisses you on the lips first. She made me pay dearly for breaking this rule as you will soon see.

I bought her and her friend drinks and the three of us stood at the bar talking and grooving to the music. Another guy stepped in and introduced himself. The guy was a seasoned player. I could tell by his perfectly manicured 5 o’clock shadow, his Italian tailored 3 piece suit and his British accent, that I was being out classed. Jessica fell for the fancy get-up right away and showed the classic signs of interest; feminine hand gestures, hair flipping, and lean ins. The guy smoothly moved her to his side and away from me and I was left talking to her fat friend.

Luckily the club was closing and it was time to leave. Mr. James Bond had wrapped his coat around Jessica’s shoulders and suggested we all go back to his place. I decided to enact my plan. I knew that he needed me to distract the fat friend so that he could get Jessica in bed. I played along and told them that I would meet them there. I never showed.

I saw Jessica at an underground party a few weeks later. She asked me what had happened to me and I told her I had gotten a flat tire. I asked her how the evening went and she told me the guy had turned out to be a jerk (translation = she fucked him, but she never got what she wanted from him). She proceeded to flirt with me by straightening my collar and asked me to taste her drink. It was time for some payback. I gave her a compliment about her hair, kissed her on the cheek, slapped her butt, and told her I had to meet some friends. She gave me her facebook and I friend requested her before leaving. Girls love to talk about where they’re going to be on social media. It makes them feel like some kind of celebrity.

Now I knew where she was going to be every weekend and merely had to show up “coincidentally”.

I saw her a week later at another underground. She was hanging all over this DJ as stupid girls do, thinking they are some kind of talented genius musical composers, though most are just playlist blenders. She introduced me to him. Hot girls love to watch guys compete for their affection and it is key that you do not allow them to be entertained this way.

Luckily he had records to spin which gave me time to put the moves on Jessica. She asked me for some gum, and I told her I had left it in my coat over by the couch. We went over and sat on the couch and start talking, mostly about her. I let her tell me her dreams about how she wanted to open her own business… yada.. yada. yada.

She asks me for the gum again and I tell her that I only have one piece left and we’ll have to split it. She agrees and I put half the stick in my mouth and encourage her to bite off the other half. She does and we kiss. I make sure I feel her up and kiss up and down her neck until she’s moaning.

Then I simply tell her, that I have to drive a friend home and that we will definitely continue where we left off next time. I turn my back and walk away quickly without turning around. I don’t contact her, but monitor her Facebook posts. She indirectly reveals in a post that someone made her head spin last night.

I’m in. She realized that her games have no effect on me and the next time we meet up, we start making out right away and she tells me she wants me. We jet back to her place and Jessica serves herself to me on a silver platter.

I’ve learned that with these types of girls it’s all about getting in their head, taking their pride for a ride and keeping them guessing about what makes you tick. If you can do this and hold out long enough, the opportunity to smash girls outside of your league (or what she perceives to be your league) will usually present itself. In any negotiation, the one who cares less and is willing to walk away has greater leverage. It takes a lot of mental discipline to gain power in relationships by learning not to give a fuck.

Note to PUAs about this technique; avoid too much interaction with her friends, as most will try to find faults with you and reasons to cockblock your efforts. Remember you want to occupy that space in her head and not allow it to be dominated by her friend’s opinions. Isolate her before implementing these techniques.

Those of you who have smashed an HB8 or 9 know you will never be the same again. It’s an indescribable high that you will forever attempt to replicate. Using this method it is possible, even for an average looking guy like me.

Do you have an experience that blew your expectations out of the water? Please do tell in the comments below.

By the way, if you’re looking for the best closers to get the girl from the venue back to your place or hers, checkout my Got Pickup Lines app for both iOS and Android devices.

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