Get Laid In College, No Enrollment Necessary

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College is one of the easiest places to meet women and get laid. For many guys and girls it is the first time living away from home and socializing with the opposite sex is high on everyone’s priority list. Let’s face it, college aged women are the hottest women on the planet and their bodies are spectacularly prime for the picking. Sneaking around the dorm residential advisors (RAs), drinking and midweek partying are the norm at most colleges and universities across the U.S. and abroad, albeit, some more than others. The hookup culture is alive and well and most girls are happy bed hopping through short term relationships at this experimental stage in their lives.

But what happens when you graduate from this buffet of bootie? Can you still sex up a scholar? Unfortunately, most college girls only want to hookup with college guys who are in the same stage of life. Their peer groups maintain the standards in their dating life. It’s tough to penetrate the social circle of students unless you are one as well.

Therefore, after graduating at age 21, for me to continue to conquer collegiate couchie, I had to go undercover as a college student, and employ a few tools in order to pull off the con.

I wore a backpack and filled it with used books for courses that were currently being offered. I wore it all over campus, as this was the best proof of my status as a student. I also read some course descriptions in the catalogs and memorized the names of some professors, incase I was ever put on the spot with probing questions about my academic life.

I even went so far as to purchase college fan gear; sweatshirts, hoodies and caps with the school insignia, team logo, etc.

I created a phony Facebook page using an alias, and made sure to only add friends in the target age group. I went out of my way to join off campus clubs such as salsa dancing, ski, hiking and creative writing clubs. I also made sure I had a current calendar of events so I knew where to expect a college girl turn out. And that’s where I’d be ready to mingle and tingle those vaginas into my place or theirs.

I memorized new dates of births, high school graduation, etc as these are common questions that girls ask in the qualification stage of hookup.

I made sure I was very popular at parties and always brought party favors to share. I hung out and played sports with younger guys too, as they were a great alibi.

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My libatious college life was complete and the pussy just kept pouring in weekend after weekend. Guys and girls invited me to parties and social outings every week. My old time regular friends were so jealous and couldn’t believe I was pulling this off. My baby face and attention to fashion trends were also a great help, I won’t lie. Although I was able to continue the poontang party for almost a decade, most guys, I’m pretty sure, can stay in college pussy heaven for at least 5 years, with enough planning and dedication.

The one thing that is very important, however, is that you keep your two social circles separate at all times. Intermixing your long time friends and acquaintances with your college cohorts can easily raise suspicions that will eventually blow your cover.

Incidentally, I did have my cover blown once when I carelessly dropped my ID on the ground and a college girl I was seeing picked it up. She was livid. I was forced to contain the damage by excommunicating her and all of her associates. I blocked her phone, unfriended her on facebook and left any party I saw her attending. I urge anyone attempting this deception to be extra careful in your attention to detail in order continue enjoying the perks of college life without actually being enrolled in college.

You may run into certain issues, such as with the more secure dormitories that require you to sign in with your college ID. I simply tell girls I forgot mine at home, or lost it, or whatever. If the ID doesn’t have a magnetic strip, you can easily make one that will pass for legit.

If you want to run the faux college game to the next level, establish a presence at more than one college. I have not attempted this, as I do have a day job that takes up much of my day. If anyone has managed to pull this off or has further suggestions for running faux college game, please comment below.

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