How Women Think About Sex

how women think about sex


girls and guy in a limoWomen are very complicated creatures when it comes to sex. In the western world, they have been brought up to believe that they must not show that they want to have sex. At the risk of being judged a “slut” by her peers, her parents or by herself, she will usually need an excuse to have sex.

It is quite common even at the moment before or after sex to for a girl to explicitly state, “I want you to know that I don’t usually do this.” Even if she does “do this” quite frequently she’s actually trying to convince herself that she’s a good girl more than she is you; believe it or not.

This excuse is many times referred to as plausible deniability.

When explaining the sexual encounter to her friends she must make it seem as though she was not herself and was somehow taken over by measures beyond her control.

Alcohol makes the perfect excuse as she can always claim that she didn’t know what she was doing when she jumped into the cab with you and somehow fell in between your sheets.

They are in such denial of their desires that it is almost always impossible to try to have a rational conversation about having sex with a woman. This is why you must never try to convince a girl to have sex with you by using a logical argument. She will almost always think of it as “creepy.” Reasoning does not appeal to her, as she will only be guided by her emotions; that’s right, the way she feels about you.

It is imperative that you downplay her value and raise yours at all times before the act. If she believes that sex is no big deal to you and you seem like the type of guy who has no problem getting laid whenever he wants, she’s much more likely to try to compete by offering you the best she has to give of herself; her body. For if she holds out too long, she knows that she may risk losing you out to another more willing female. However, if she “gives it up” too quickly she may feel she has cheapened her value to you. It’s a mental wire balancing act that many times make them say one thing and act in another.

The trick is to seduce her by making her feel like you have a lot in common and a potentially deeper connection if she allows herself to let go and indulge in pleasure with you. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of women having one night stands and trying to climb the social ladder of success one cock at a time, but she doesn’t want that shameful reality held up in front of the mirror.

The isolation strategy works because when she is separated from her friends, she will not feel their judgement and is more likely to give in to her desires. If she is reminded of the unacceptability of her behavior, her slut defense will go up. She will break the interaction, run back to the shelter of her friends, or into her head that is preoccupied with protective thinking.

Your goal is to keep her slut defense shield down long enough for her to allow you into her secret garden. Once isolated and comfortable that she will not receive judgement from her peers, she will allow her unbridled sexuality run loose. Be forewarned, however, that it is common for a woman to display last minute resistance (LMR) before allowing herself to be seduced (see Overcoming Last Minute Resistance).

Remember, women are not as horny as often as men, so you must rely on body language, speech patterns and clothing cues to let you know if she is receptive to sexual advances (see videos on body language). Also, females are not as sexually stimulated visually as men. A lot of men don’t understand this fact and continue using shirtless selfies taken in the bathroom as their online profile pic. Women might judge the appearance of your bathroom more than your six-pack abs. Work on tonality, humor, storytelling techniques and fragrances as stronger ways to bait women. Every woman is a little different so listen for clues as to what her sexual fantasy might be and try to imply (without bragging or explicitly stating) that you have the package she wants.

Woman want to be sexual with you, they just need to be lead with comfort and confidence. They will respond to your advances, provided they are timed correctly and socially calibrated. The term socially calibrated means that actions are carried out in a manner and an order that is socially acceptable.

For example, you would never approach a girl with an opener asking her to have sex with you. This would violate all of her expected rules of courtship and as a result, even the best looking guys would be shot down ninety nine percent of the time. That would be a socially uncalibrated approach. You would have a much higher success rate if you initiated by flirting, introducing yourself to her friends and sharing some stories and escalating kino before leading her to another space for a kiss close and a possible pull back to your place.

Once you understand how women view sex and the selection process they use in choosing a mate, it will be easier for you to interpret her signals and overcome many of the hurdles that socially programmed females use to subconsciously sabotage their own goals. Navigating tumultuous interactions gets easier with practice and results become more predictable as well.

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