Successful Nightclub Game

Night Club Game

club slutsMy theory in club game is that it’s easier to make something out of something that it is to make something out of nothing. What I mean by this is that since women are the ones who ultimately decide if the sexual interaction is going to take place, it’s easier to sell the ones that are already kicking the tires in your car lot. In other words, look for those who are displaying receptive signals, rather than trying to convert cold leads.

Upon entering the nightclub, I first make my way to the restroom to check my appearance, make sure my hair, my collar and my breath are on point. Walking past everyone, I use my peripheral vision to assess which girls are noticing me, giving me a prolonged stare, etc. I can usually spot at least one or two fleeting glances.

I emerge from the restroom all smiles, as if I just took the greatest dump of my life. This look of self amusement is key, as girls do not want to see themselves as the source of your amusement but rather prefer to piggyback off of your vibe.

I often see quite a few guys make the classic mistake of ignoring preselection by simply going around the room hitting up every single girl in the club. They don’t realize that women are studying their interactions and the reaction of other women towards their advances as a judgement of their social value. These guys have no game, appear like low value thirsty hyenas waiting to eat a lion’s table scraps. By displaying needy behavior, they have inadvertently blown any chance of success with girls that night. Too many desperate dogs like this in a venue will ruin the environment, as the bombardment of overeager males will cause the women to go into a defensive posture. Once this happens on a mass scale, girls will become unresponsive or even respond aggressively to your openers, so it’s better to bounce and look for more fertile hunting grounds.

A better method is to try to establish eye contact with a few girls and open the ones who give you obvious signs like, smiling back, open body language, hair flipping, neck exposure etc.

PUA Grifter teaches something called forced IOIs, which I use quite often. By raising your glass and signaling a toast from across the room you can force a girl to reveal her interest from a distance, without having to open her first. Women are also 10 times more sensitive to body language and non verbal communication than most men, who are practically oblivious to it. You can send signals of attraction with your eyes, a wink, a smile, or a subtle hand gesture that they can instantly interpret without a word being spoken. Girls try their best not to look obvious and are careful about managing their eagerness. However, if they see something they like, they’ll try to convey their interest in an indirect manner, which you should take as a green light to approach and open. Many times a girl will simply move closer to you or tilt her head to expose her neck when near you. Learning to read these subtle signs will increase your chances substantially.

opportunistic drinkerMany girls will be too nervous or self-conscious to reveal signs of interest until they’ve had a drink. As a rule I try not to approach a new girl entering a club until she’s ordered and paid for her drink. It saves me time and money and assures I won’t be used as a drink ticket, at least during the opener.

When you have a green light, it signals that the girl is interested, but not necessarily attracted. The key now is to engage in good game conversation to get her to invest in the interaction through various means (soft take aways, false disqualifiers, push/pull, kino escalation etc.) Once you’ve secured investment, begin to receive solid IOI’s, you have successfully established comfort and attraction, you can begin to isolate her and implement your seduction strategy.

Even with all of the screening and pre selection, however, one is bound to encounter in your face rejection multiple times on any given night. It’s all part of the game and one should not be deterred by it or take it personally.

rejectedI have found that there is a right and a wrong way to handle those inevitable rejections. The key is to appear to maintain social proof, by obscuring the rejection from other women in the room. Luckily, women will only compare notes on you with other women whom they know, as most will not discuss your value with their competitors. You play it off like it was you who had to leave the interaction, not they who blew you off.

This effect can be achieved by using several methods. Here are just some of the tactics I use:

  • Laughing and hi-fiving your wing before you break the interaction, leaving your wingman standing with them for about a minute. It makes it seem like you left on a positive note.
  • Pulling out your phone as if a call or text is pulling you away.
  • Saying something shocking, ridiculous or outrageous before walking away that will leave the girls focused on what you’ve said for a few minutes, like “It’s ok I’m gay!.”, “My mom, just called, it’s past my curfew.”, “I’m wanted at the fertility clinic.” “My dog snorted all my coke, got to go.”
  • Waiting for a distraction; eg. The DJ announces a birthday, a fight breaks out, a glass falls and smashes on the floor. You become focused on the obvious distraction and naturally move away from the rejecting females.
  • You covertly signal your friends to come, cheer you on, and carry you away.

Now that you can deal with rejection, the question becomes, when do you zero in on one girl versus spreading your love throughout the club? In my experience, there comes a time during the night when everyone who is there to hook up is getting down to business. In California, since everything closes at 2:00 am, that time seems to occur between 12:30-1:30am. If you miss that window, chances are, you’re going home alone. The reason for this window is simple. Again women, being the fickle choosers of their mates, need the first part of the night to have a couple of drinks and loosen up (i.e. drop their defense shields), and then, being the opportunistic creatures they are, need time to survey the landscape to determine who is their highest quality option. Once all of that is established, then they open themselves up to the seduction process. Guys, on the other hand, know exactly who we’d bang, right from the start.

You too should make mental notes of your interactions and determine who was most receptive, laughed at your jokes, touched your arm etc. When the hookup window opens, you can either pursue the most interested female for easy pickings, or challenge yourself to try a final push with one of the more despondent candidates. Give her 3 chances to come correct in about 10 minutes. If she’s still playing hard to get after that, cut bait and jump ship to the next one on your mental list (that is if she isn’t already taken).

Never get into verbal or physical altercations with other males over females. They just aren’t worth it. Once she has made up her mind, anyway, there is little your squabble will accomplish in the long run.

not a good grindYou can tell a lot about a girl’s level of sexual availability by the way she dances. I try to dance with as many hot girls as possible to establish social proof (girls become more attracted to you when they see you dancing with other hot chicks) and to see how open and receptive to kino they are. If a girl turns around and lets you freak her from behind, it’s a pretty good sign she trusts you and is giving you a green light to escalate. I got one girl so turned on by kissing her neck while we were dancing, that she reached in my pants to grab my junk right there on the dance floor. I have fucked girls in bathroom stalls, behind curtains and in janitorial closets. It’s all about striking while she’s in the mood and the iron is hot. Girls who move your hand from their waist or push your chest back when you’re trying to get closer are usually a waste of time. Move on to better targets.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve established comfort and attraction, you’ve isolated her from any cock-blocking friends and are kiss closing her in some dark corner or even outside the club. I like to kiss her passionately and then grab her hand and pull her to another area. For some reason, the spontaneity and the unknown gets them excited. If my car is near, I’ll tell her there’s something cool I want to show her. I have a great LED light show set up in my ride just for this occasion. It pulsates to the music and makes them feel like they’re in a club.

kiss closeWhen she’s alone, the woman will usually allow herself to become more sexual and to be guided by your physical escalation. Once I let my fingers do the walking and get her wet, it’s usually just a matter of figuring out the logistics. I am respectful of the fact that she doesn’t want to be labeled a slut by her friends, who are probably engaging in the exact same behavior, so I tell her the plan I have in mind and have responses prepared for any objections.

“Put your number in my phone and I’ll come get you after your friends have dropped you off at home at around 3am.” That means total discretion which is key with American women.

night club party guyIf she has a roommate or some other reason why we can’t smash at her place, I tell her I have a place (not my house but a romantic place somewhere with a great view). I have so many forgotten souvenirs left in my car, I have to remember to clean out the back seat from all of the bobby pins, clips, earrings, scarves, necklaces and socks that women have left there.

Do you have any techniques that you employ to get the girl from the dance to romance? Please share them below.

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