How I Avoid False Rape Allegations

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This article is not to be misconstrued as legal advice and is merely a personal account of steps that I have taken in my life to protect myself. Laws vary from state to state, country to country and region to region. Therefore, please consult a lawyer for advice as it regards to your particular situation.

women in jailWe all know that rape is real and is a serious crime that deserves to be punished by the law. Unfortunately, false rape allegations aren’t treated as seriously and when discovered by the courts usually result in a mere case dismissal and rarely does the person bringing the false rape allegation receive more than a slap on the wrist.

Meanwhile, the guy who was falsely accused of  rape has usually already been tried and found guilty by the court of public opinion (his community) and may result in expulsion from school, job loss etc. He lives with the fear and stigma for the rest of his life.

Why would women want to make a false rape allegation? The reasons are many, although it is a subject that no one wants to talk about in the third wave feminist politically correct environment. Here are just some of the reasons that women make false rape allegations:

    • She cheated, but later regrets it
    • You cheated on her or on your girlfriend and she wants revenge
    • To cover up a sudden illicit encounter
    • She was drunk and is too embarrassed to admit to her friends that she fucked you
    • She realizes you are a player, feels used, and wants to teach you a lesson
    • Her parents found out and strongly disapprove of her having sex with an older man
    • Fear of slut shaming, particularly in alternative sex acts, threesomes, etc.
    • To cover up a crime of which she is guilty
    • She’s insane, bored, or just needs an excuse for any number of things.
    • She’s a real rape survivor and views every encounter as a potential rape.

taxi rape cartoonThe fact is that women tend to backward rationalize the reason they make decisions since their decisions tend to be based on their “feelings” or mood rather than on logic. Since their feelings may change later, they need a way to justify their actions at the time. This makes a dangerous recipe for false rape allegations. Unfortunately for us, the repercussions from her feelings can have real-life consequences.

I find it imperative that every player should know the laws in their region relating to rape and how to avoid being wrongfully accused by a woman with bad intentions.

Here are some of the things I do to keep girls from raining hell in my life with false rape allegations

ABR (Always be recording) I have surveillance cameras installed. I have one in my car and one in my room. They both capture audio as well. Where I live, audio recordings cannot be introduced as evidence in court unless the person knew they were being recorded. I feel the video of two consenting adults should be good enough, but I like to think that it’s better to have audio than not. In my book, I’d rather be charged with an illegal recording than a rape. I make sure all recordings are date/time stamped and immediately uploaded to the cloud, should the cameras get seized for any reason. I keep any recordings until the statute of limitations for rape expires. This varies widely from region to region.

Next, I always send the “I had a great time and hope to see you again” text right after we part and I get her to concur. I screenshot it and back that up as well. This way, she’s less likely to let any feelings of regret sex cloud her judgement. If she forgets sending the text, it’s my ace in the back pocket in case she wants to make a case against me.

I often try to take them to breakfast the next morning at a place I know has good surveillance cameras. If there are no cameras, I make sure we take a selfie together with geo-tagging and date/time stamp. How can she claim rape that night and be laughing it up with her rapist at breakfast the next morning? I always save the time stamped receipt as well that shows what each of us ordered.

Here’s a big one. I never serve girls alcohol. I let her do all her drinking at the bar. She can never claim that I served her too much or must have put something in her drink. And if she’s slurring or stumbling around, I let that one pass. In my jurisdiction, an intoxicated woman can’t give consent and she can claim rape after the fact, no matter how many orgasms she had that night. Even if she doesn’t claim rape, it isn’t worth the headache of the dealing with another hungover chick feeling slut judgement and covering herself with, “Where am I? What did we do last night?” and all her other victim card plays. Some girls literally start to flip out as they search for a way out of their moral predicament.  If she starts doing that, the best move I find, is to chode myself out. I act like I’m head over heels in love with her and want to be her boyfriend. She’ll most likely take the upperhand and gets the satisfaction of dismissing me as a needy beta. I’ll take the L rather than having cuffs slapped on me by the cops.

I avoid banging chicks with husbands, boyfriends, or even those with recent break-ups, here’s why. Apart from any moral conflicts you may have about compromising a committed relationship, I avoid it at all costs because it is ground zero for a false rape claims. A woman is more likely to experience regret sex, particularly if she was using it as a way to get back at a lover with whom she decides to get back together soon after. By the way, this also goes for women with “ex-boyfriends” in prison. As soon as he’s paroled, you could have an “accident” and die unexpectedly.

The same goes for girls who live with their parents. Parents can be easily convinced that their daughter was mistreated or raped. If she gets caught not being “the good girl” her daddy brought her up to be, rape is sometimes the easy answer for her to avoid shame and  judgement.

Another one to look for is women who are insane. I had a woman tell me once that all women are pretty much insane, more or less. When I asked her why, she said it was mostly due to the mistreatment of some guy with whom they were in love in their youth. This girl only confirmed my belief that women are great at pulling the victim card, even when it comes to their own sanity. The insane woman does not use reasoning in assessing a situation and any perceived injustice or mistreatment by men is solely based on how she “feels” at the time. These feelings often change from one night to the next morning, when she may not feel good about what she did. Many a man has had his name and reputation ruined by a crazy woman who had it in for him.

I see feminists as having a type of group sanctioned insanity. They have been indoctrinated to believe they are victims of the patriarchal society. It’s very easy for them to make the leap and see you as part of that oppressive regime. I avoid any women who are self-described feminists.

Most of us don’t have a PhD in Psychology and aren’t qualified to judge a woman’s sanity, especially in the time it takes to get her from the bar to the bedroom. However, here is the litmus test that raises red flags and that I use to pass on having sex with her.

    • If she ever brags about getting someone locked up or having restraining orders on them.
    • If she mentions problems with substance abuse, jail, 5150 (psychiatric observation), rehab etc.
    • If she tells any stories about her pulling the victim car unjustifiably.
    • If she has kids by different fathers (especially out of wedlock)
    • If she has strange hang-ups that she refuses to explain, like she can’t ride in a car, etc.
    • If she’s been in a string of abusive relationships
    • If, in her medicine cabinet, she has antidepressants, anti psychotic meds, etc. (Google names)
    • If she takes no responsibility of other areas in her life, tickets, bills, taxes, job, etc.
    • If she has no compunction about lying
    • If we’re at my place and we get into an argument for any reason, I call her an Uber on my dime. I even take a pic of her getting in. That way there is documentation of the time she left my place. The driver should also remember her.

girls raping each other

Is there anything I missed? We go into deeper discussions on these topics in my secret facebook group (must be 18+).

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