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The dating game is really an all out war, a battle for power and control just like a military one only it is fought in the hearts and minds of the participants. Whoever shows their cards first and displays neediness first, loses, and in effect, surrenders all power to the victor who will be the dominant one in the relationship. Once the power is lost is is very rarely if ever, regained. The sentence awarded to most average frustrated chumps who lose the battle is they are either dismissed entirely, or relegated to serve out the remainder of the relationship in the “friend zone.”

The friend zone is a platonic no man’s land where the woman disallows any chemistry defines the relationship boundaries as LJBF’d (Lets Just Be Friends).

Signs you may be in the friend zone:

  • When you say something warm in a text and she responds with, “Awww, thanks.”
  • She calls you “bro, dude, bud, kid, man” or any variation of those.
  • She tells you that you’re a great listener, you’re talented or a real catch.
  • If you ask her to the movies and she asks, “Who else is coming?”
  • She doesn’t care about not wearing makeup or fixing her hair around you.
  • She tells you you’re great and that you’re going to make a woman very happy one day.
  • She doesn’t remember making out with you when she was drunk (or pretending to be).
  • She asks to put makeup on you or do your hair.
  • She often wants to talk about her asshole ex-boyfriends.

Guys end up in the friend zone totally confused as to how they got there in the first place. Usually it’s because one spent too much effort establishing comfort and trust with the target without provoking any sexual attraction. This is a common place for AFCs to end up through their supplication and approval seeking behavior. Even those guys who try to launch their sexual advances do so in a surprise explosive move at the last minute so the woman feels shocked and deceived as to their intentions, since they originally tried to conceal their attraction from them.

Although there are gurus trying to teach that the friend zone is all in one’s head, most girls will admit that they do put guys in various categories of intimacy. If you’re in the friend zone she sees you no differently than her brother or her gay best friend.

It is difficult to get out of the friend zone once one is stuck in it, and it is usually easier to just drop her and pursue other girls. Sometimes you can reunite many months or years down the road and the time/memory loss can work in your favor.

There have been many theories about how to escape the friend zone, but none have been proven to work with any consistency. Once you’re in it, no matter which method you use, you can be sure that it will be an uphill battle. I find that elicitation of jealousy can work if it’s not overdone.

Invite her to hang out at a bar or club where there will be other hot women. Flirt with other girls on your way to the restroom, bar, etc so she can see, but not directly in her face (that’s rude). Tell a girl you just got a new smartphone and don’t know where the numbers are. Ask her to show you and hand her your phone. Your girl will think she’s putting her number in.

Ask your target what she thinks about the other girl and see if she shows any jealousy by saying anything unfavorable about her. Women tend to be very competitive this way. If she kick starts any flirtation with you, do not reveal your feelings for her. Follow the normal attraction steps as you would with any other girl and get her to invest in the attraction interaction.

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However, the best way to get out of the friend zone is to not end up in it in the first place. The way to do this is not to hide your sexual attraction from the beginning and use kino escalation to clearly communicate that he is interested in being more than just friends.

Always maintain sexual tension. – By using push-pull techniques, sexual innuendos, kino advances, cat string theory, etc, you should keep her chasing the feeling that you’re the prize. Rewards her positive reactions to your advances with more and more attention and sexual tension.

Don’t put her on a pedestal. Over complimenting her beauty, being too gentlemanly, are all examples of supplicating behavior. It’s hard for someone to respect another who is begging to be used as a door mat.

Teasing her with push/pulls or negs (false disqualifiers) are a great way to balance the compliments and let her know that she isn’t above you. I’ve put together many of the best false disqualifiers in my app, Got Pickup Lines.

Don’t always be agreeable. Have an opinion and don’t be afraid to express it, particularly if it differs from hers. Girls are attracted to strong minded men with leadership qualities.

Don’t go out of your way to help her with mundane tasks. Doing her laundry, washing her car, helping her with her taxes are all behaviors that place you in the position of a low value servant. Even though these look asks may be helpful, you are choding yourself in her eyes.

Most guys are simple and generally only have 2 categories for women; Girls they’d fuck and those they wouldn’t. It is only the disciplined higher level PUA that can put women in the friend zone as well.

These women can be physically attracted to you, but you do not have sex with them. Women like these can serve as social proof and pre-selection. If you can keep you dick in your pocket and maintain a hot girl in your friend zone, she can wing for you and you can use her as bait to bring you much hotter women.

And finally, the best advice has to do with mindset. Any above average girl gets offered dick every time she sets foot outside of her home. Every low value chode on the street is trying to sell her the cock. It’s the equivalent of getting bombarded with junk mail every time you open your mailbox. Learn to distinguish yourself by having the mindset of a buyer of pussy, not a seller of dick.

Women will shit test you in order to determine where you boundaries lie. A shit test is a way for her to determine if you are the man you claim to be. If she can push you around and make you do her bidding, you are not. By the way, I have compiled the best shit test responses (compliance test) in the best PUA app on the market, Got Pickup Lines for Android and iOS phones.

Think like a girl and put them in the position of qualifying themselves to possible be in a relationship with you. This reverse psychology mindset causes women to become intrigued by the in-congruence with their common experience, and that shot is all you need to get the hook and opportunity to physically escalate away from the friend zone and into her bed.

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