Is Game Necessary to Get Girls?

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BadassWhy do men have to play all of these stupid mind games with women just to get them into bed?

It’s really a cultural issue that is more prevalent in Western Christian societies, but does exist in others to a lesser extent. The answer is actually two fold. First, many women have been taught by their parents that men must woo her. She mustn’t be too easy at the risk of being used by men who think she’s a slut and will give anyone equal access to her love and her body. The other reason that women live for mind games and shit tests is because they enjoy the power of having men try to fulfill their selfish expectations.

Dave Chappelle said it best in his act when he put it bluntly; “If a man could have sex in a cardboard box, he wouldn’t buy a house.” and “The reason men buy nice cars is simply because… women like nice cars.” It’s all pussy bait designed to fulfill a woman’s fantasy of what her ideal man should be.

Girls learn to play with each others’ emotions from the time they are in elementary school. Who hasn’t heard a little girl crying because another one has replaced her with a new “best friend” and made sure to blatantly inform her of this fact in front of her classmates?

breaking manWomen operate on a more calculated subconscious level than most men realize. Although physically weaker than men in most cases, they enjoy the challenge of psychologically dominating us.

When a girl you’ve just met asks you to hold her purse or coat, she is testing you, although you may be unaware of this. Most of us react almost instinctively as we have been taught by our mothers, to serve and protect the weaker gender, unaware that she is training us to be little more than a tool, a spineless lapdog at her beckon call.

We as men have been rendered defenseless when it comes to these games as we are ill prepared to deal with mental manipulation; it’s just not how we are taught to operate. Lucky for us, we live in the information age where millions of men can get together and devise countermeasures in discussion forums and blog threads of the world wide web.

Girls also play mind games to withhold sex as long as possible while at the same time maintaining a high interest level and male attention. Girls who have been around the block know all too well how the power dynamics work around sex. You, as the male, must initiate the courtship as is dictated by our cultural / societal norms. You use all of your looks, charm, wit, confidence and humor to try to gain her approval. During this time she gets to enjoy the great sense of power and adulation that she is receiving from her male suitors. Since the woman holds all the cards in the beginning, she gets to make all the rules.

But she also knows that the moment she has sex with a guy she could be relinquishing all of that power in an instant. Once a guy has sex with her, he has experienced everything she can give him. Most guys are no longer pulled by the same initial attraction they experienced or the urge they had to claim the uncharted territory that is her vagina. The exception, of course, is the chump who is a pussy slave no matter what, for he lives to pamper and cater to a woman’s desires.

Some women have learned to use their beauty to captivate a man’s interest long enough to receive the ego boost they seek without ever relinquishing that power by simply moving on to the next guy after his interest has been exhausted.

Others have used their feminine wiles to extract untold fortunes from guys who have fallen helplessly in love with these gold digging seductresses.

flirtGame is the term used to describe men’s ability to beat women at this manipulative skill, with the goal of bedding them. Many argue that it is a reactionary result of feminism, that has effectively managed to lower men’s value to the point of mere sperm donors and handymen.

This game of pickup is nothing more than a game of mental warfare. It’s a battle of perceptions, not of reality. People cling firmly to the belief that reality exists outside of the mind, but this is nothing more than a collective perception that is reinforced by the media and by popular culture. If you can fulfill the perception of her fantasy, you are halfway to winning the battle without even fighting.

Pickup is an evolving field with no formal certifications or even objective measures of success. The independent study of game is necessary because so many fathers failed to do their jobs in teaching their sons how to attract and bed women and the schools will never allow it. However, thanks to the internet, men have been able to piece together theories and techniques that level the playing field advantage that women have had to their advantage for so long.

Trying to operate without learning game in today’s modern world is like a bicyclist trying to win the Tour de France without using performance enhancing drugs. Yes, women force us to play this stupid courtship game. You can either bang your head & deny its existence or learn the rules & master it to reap its rewards.

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Let the games begin!

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