What Makes a Good Wing-man?

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What makes a good wing-man?
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People always ask me, “What makes a good wingman?” The answer should be obvious.

Wingmen must always work was a team, placing the interest of the team before their own.

wingman failSome guys are naturally good at this and know how to make you look good in front of the females. Other guys are more self centered and will need some coaching so they understand the goals and rules of wingmanning. Some guys just don’t get it. They are so self absorbed and selfish that they must be the center of attention at all times. Some will even step all over you to get at your game. Like the basketball player who hogs the ball and never passes, a selfish wingman who can’t be a team player should be left at home. A good wingman always has your back. The more competent wingmen you have the better. When in the field, it’s best not to let anyone know that you are friends. That way the interactions seem more natural and less contrived.

The purpose of a wingman is to:

Distract the cockblocking female friend – (usually the ugly or fat one) who is miserable and can’t stand to see her friend getting male attention. This allows you time to build attraction and at least get the target’s contact information and possibly more. By the way, the Got Pickup Lines app has some great comebacks to handle most cockblocks.

wingman of the yearTake one for the team. He must be willing to drink, dance with, and fain sexual interest in the cockblocker (no matter how undesirable she might be) so that she feels included . This will give you a much higher chance of scoring with your target. Girls hate to feel left out and will rain on your parade if they feel their friends aren’t being taken care of.

Make you look good – Your wingman should be able to talk you up and let others know what a great guy you are. This sounds much more legitimate than you bragging about yourself. He can tell them about the dog you adopted from the rescue, the senior center where you volunteer, or the amazing artist/musician you are. Of course, you must be willing to do the same for him.

Handle other male contenders – It is quite common to have other guys try to steal your action. A wingman must be prepared to come in and play defense by engaging these guys in small talk and do whatever it takes to get them away from your target. There are many lines one can use to effectively disable these AMOGs (any males of the group). We have compiled the best of these in the Got Pickup Lines app.

Rules Wingmen must Follow:

Never leave a wingman aloneNever leave a man in the field alone – If a team member calls on a wingman for help, he must respond no matter what the target or her friend looks like. No backing out because she’s too fat or ugly. You may even be called in to distract her gay guy friend. You don’t have to make out with him, but you must be polite and engage in conversation to allow the team member to have a shot at his target.

Wingman Codes – Create recognizable gestures, code words and or hand signals to use while engaging with targets. They are an invaluable form of communication that will allow you to execute your plays more effectively without others being able to disrupt your game.

Help Now – I need you to step in and help me right now. Stop what you’re doing and get over here ASAP.

Switch – This girl isn’t feeling me. I’m going to switch targets and you take over talking to the girl I am currently engaging.

Cock Block – Another guy is trying to move in on my action. I need you to keep him distracted by talking to him about whatever bullshit he’s interested in. You could even tell him that another girl is checking him out on the other side of the room; anything to get him away from my target.

Cheerleader – I need you to hype up the after-party at my house, the trip to inspiration point, the drinking party in my car, etc. The more people buy into the idea, the more persuaded the target will be to go along with it.

Break – I need some alone time with the target to build intimacy. Make yourself scarce.

Fake Threat – I need you to pose as a guy trying to move in on my action, make belligerent comments to her, pick a fight with me, or create some other perceived threat. We will stage a scenario using a prearranged script where I make you look foolish while garnering favor with the target; while I look like the hero.

Abandon Ship – All tactics have failed and it’s time to abandon this effort by all members. You can talk about why later or you can develop codes to label unsuitable women such as:

Attention Whores

Drama Queens


Self Entitled Bitches

Large Impenetrable Group

Angry Drunks

wingman dibsPickup is like any sport in that if you want to improve your game you should play with those better & more skilled than you. Wing with guys who are good, not AFCs and chodes. Their shyness and awkwardness will rub off on you. Find people who know what they are doing and Wingman up! The world of women awaits.

Do you have other tips about finding or being a good wing-man? The bros want to know, so comment below.

By the way, you may want to checkout a couple of interviews with guys on how they handle cockblocks and AMOGS (alpha males of the group) on our sister site.

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