Push Pull Explained

Are you wanting to learn how to flirt with a girl using the push pull method? This is a common pickup artist method where a guy will show interest, and then quickly show disinterest to get a girl’s attention. In this video we will be going over push pull techniques, examples, and if the foundation… Continue reading Push Pull Explained

The ABC’s Wingmanship

Having a good wingman… and knowing how to wing effectively can multiply your results in game. In this video I break down how to work with a wing to make your game better and maybe equally important how to NOT make it worse. There are also some creative advanced tactics that you’ve probably never seen… Continue reading The ABC’s Wingmanship

What To Say To Pickup Girls

By the way, if you want an amazing collection of infield openers and much more, checkout the Got Pickup Lines app at https://GotPickupLines.com. The Good Looking Loser breaks down his pickup strategy for fast screening dialogue and touching protocol for determining if a girl is sexually available.

Club Game for the Broke and Cheap

It’s no secret that girls are attracted to guys with money, but you don’t need to spend any to achieve good results with them. Buying table service to fuck bottle rats at the club isn’t running game, anyway, it’s just glorified prostitution. Clubbing and drinking can easily cost you hundred or even thousands of dollars… Continue reading Club Game for the Broke and Cheap

Dating Rules for Guys

Who really dates anymore? In today’s flaky female culture of grass is greener cancellations, I prefer to just hangout to the traditional wine and dine. It’s much easier to jump ship and dip if the female starts bringing out the bitch, user, entitled princess, or any one of those less desirable traits. But for those… Continue reading Dating Rules for Guys

Daygame vs Nightgame

Hugh Hefner once said, “All the fun happens at night”, and he’s right. Single women put their heels on and let their hair down for a night of male attention in the city. They know they are in competition with each other and make sure they go out looking as hot as possible to attract… Continue reading Daygame vs Nightgame

Escape the Friend Zone

The dating game is really an all out war, a battle for power and control just like a military one only it is fought in the hearts and minds of the participants. Whoever shows their cards first and displays neediness first, loses, and in effect, surrenders all power to the victor who will be the… Continue reading Escape the Friend Zone

Pimp Out Your Puppy, Player

Animals have a way of disarming the bitch shield that many women have up around strangers. Everyone knows that dogs, especially cute puppies are chick crack in most societies. Their warm and snuggly characteristics remind them of the comfort of innocence childhood, much like the teddy bears they used to clutch at night. As PUAs,… Continue reading Pimp Out Your Puppy, Player