Women’s Dirty Little Secret

Out of His League

“Hey Sandman, So I had a question about some girls in their early youth who use men well beneath their rank and/or roll in society while simultaneously not wanting to acknowledge their sexual interactions with them. Are we their dirty secrets or simply considered ‘slumming it’ in all circumstances?” Let me take you back to roughly 2000. I had just turned 21 in December of 1999 and set out to explore my life in this world. I had just broken up with a girlfriend who I dated for around a year… and she was a Twinkie Girl (a term I made up) which describes a soft, overweight girl who lies about her birth control intake to get a guy to ejaculate inside of her (aka, a doughy girl looking for the cream filling to imprison a man). Needless to say, I started my voyage out of that relationship and got into this flirtatious encounter with a girl I’d consider a 10. She was hot, young, and she knew it. When she went to parties most of the dudes wanted to get with her. Keep in mind I’m a 6 (maybe a 7 when I’m on my A game) at that time, while she is a 10. She was drinking a little and told me I had a hole in the crotch of my pants while we were sitting at a table. It was small, but it was there (I was the assistant manager of a retail store that required business casual attire but it wore out quick because I had to do a lot of manual labor, and I came to the party directly from work at roughly 10 PM), and my blue boxers I guess showed through this small hole in my black slacks. I laugh and point out the hole ‘in the crotch of her pants was WAY bigger’. She was wearing a miniskirt, by the way. I said, “So you saw my boxers, show me your panties.” And she did just that. Revealing them for me to see. It was all pretty hot, but I laughed it off and told her I’d take a look later. Someone called me away into the next room to watch a favorite quotable scene from a movie. Then, about an hour later I knocked on the bathroom door and a mutual male friend of everyone at the party was in there. I stood outside and told him, “Just let me know when you’re done. I’ll wait by the washer.” You know, to give him privacy. When my male friend opens the door and leaves, this girl I was talking about shoves me aside and shoots into the restroom, walks to the toilet, pulls her skirt up, and underwear down, and sits on the toilet with a grin on her face while she uses the toilet. After I close the door and lock it, I walk over and I pretend to start unzipping my pants and say, “If you’re going to hijack the toilet, at least you can widen your legs so I can share. I’ve been waiting to go.” And she does. I see her down there in the open. Our banter goes back and forth with a few jokes being made. Long story short, things happen in the bathroom. But after we get done, she asks me not to tell anyone I was with her. I’ve always wondered what the hell this all meant. This all resides in my memory since this was the only time I got a 10.

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