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For women, there will always be multiple branches to swing to due to their seemingly unlimited options. I’ve had women try to swing back onto my branch after I broke up with them. As I said in earlier videos I’ve only ever had one woman end a relationship with me unilaterally. I’ve always been the one to end things in all other situations. But sometimes those women that I cut loose would magically try to pop back into my life six months or one year or even two years after I broke it off with them. It didn’t matter that I was in a relationship or dating someone else. They would just start calling me again and wanting to spend time with me. It didn’t matter that they had a boyfriend and that I had a girlfriend they wanted to restart the relationship they had with me. In every single relationship from the age of nineteen until now the women I was with wanted to get back together with me. My ex-girlfriend my early twenties showed up a year and a half after we broke up and met me in person and wanted to get back together. And she was in a relationship at that time. It’s almost as if women don’t know how good they had it with me until they thought about it for a year. And then all of sudden they were desperate to get back together. To be fair though some guys that are needier emotionally will monkey branch as well by having two or three girlfriends at the same time.

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