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0:10 “What is a good rule-of-thumb number of notches and flags, beyond which a man can safely settle for a nice girl? And what to do if he meets one before hitting the target?”

(ZBYSZEK) 4:27 “How do you combine an outgoing, social lifestyle with a very time-consuming career (e.g. academic research)? I know that you endorse free entrepreneurship, but maybe you know guys who have managed to do so and have some tips?”

(ZBYSZEK) 6:29 “Have you experienced any bad consequences from all the unprotected sex you’ve had with random hoes from the club?”

(JONATHAN ROSELAND) 10:32 “What advice do you have for men that have been raised with a beta mindset, but is trying to learn, develop, and create a dominant and confident mindset?”

(NICK) 13:10 “In 2013, I asked “if you had to live in one city for the next 5 years, what would it be?” The answer then was Kiev..what would your answer be now?”

(TEEDUB) 17:15 “Which city from your travels do you think back to most, whether from good or bad experienences?”

(CORTES) 19:12 “To what degree is it necessary for a man to live in a developing country in order to have his needs fulfilled? (in terms of women and freedom).”

(LEIGHTON BLACKSTOCK) 21:54 “Would you pass up what so many people now want but cant find ( a good girl) to solely pursue personal / financial development in 20-30 age (unstable future) , or start a family young (stable future)?”

(JACK) 25:44 “If you already have an established career in the west, would it be worth to give it all up to relocate to Eastern Europe? I don’t feel happy in my own country, and would like to move to Ukraine / Russia. I already spend a long time there, but my education would be useless there, but I’m still young (I’m 25) so I have time to learn something new.”

(SCANDINAVIAN JAKE) 28:42 “How do you find a conservative girl in a slut-ridden country?”

(ANON) 31:39 “How do you convince normal men that the manoshpere is relevant to them and that they have a part in it?”

(TUSKEGEE51) 33:43 “What’s your approach to game nowadays? In which way has it changed since you wrote your BANG and DAY BANG? Do you still go out at night to meet women? Is indirect daygame still your favorite?”

(MRREMI) 39:42 “When player burnout occurs, what is the best way for men to find an additional purpose and focus in their lives?”

(AREMENIA 4 EVER) 44:15 “How can men in their player stage guard themselves against becoming too damaged from sleeping with too many women if they decide they want to find a wife, but not consistently struggle with the desire for variety of women?”

(AREMENIA 4 EVER) 46:58 “Since the outrage of the meetups and all the things to do to counter it plus the book, how many daily approaches (if you are still doing them) are you doing those days, roughly?”

(JB POQUELICHE) 48:44 “Will you consider writing a Bang 2.0 to reflect the multiple ways in which game has changed as a whole since its intial release in 2007?”

(HIGHSPEED_LOWDRAG) 49:51 “What is your average monthly expenses when you are living in Central/Eastern Europe excluding travel costs like flights and hotels?”

(BACON) 50:52 “Sex has lost its appeal. I don’t care to pump and dump, cause it doesn’t seem worth the time and effort. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to just go back to porn and jerking off, but even if I wanted sex I don’t think I could find someone I’d want to do it with. What do you think I should do?”

(MODE RIGHT) 54:22 “Do you ever miss Latin America?”

(GOPNIK) 57:05 “How do you satisfy your sexual needs now that sex is not paramount in your life and the years of chasing women are over?”

(ANDREA) 57:57 “You previously mentioned that your top 3 countries where you like to live are Poland, Russia and Ukraine. I’m from Romania and I’m just curious what have you found in those countries and haven’t been able to find in Romania ? What are the top points that make those 3 countries better overall than Romania ?”

(DAYROOSH) 59:37 “Since your best books are all memoirs don’t you consider planning some wild trips in areas that you haven’t been yet and write about these accounts ?”

(DAYROOSH) 1:00:16 “What advice can you give to us shorter guys for gaming taller women?”

(MIKHAIL) 1:02:28 “Should a guy focus on game or money first?”

(MIKE) 1:03:57 “You have written a great deal about banging western girls, but what are your thoughts on the east? Do you plan on visiting China, Japan or South Korea?”

(QLASS) 1:06:15 “What do you think about Wall street Playboys and the guys that think Lifestyle is more important than game?”

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