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GotPickup Lines AppHave an opener for every situation.
Never run out of negs.
Have a comeback for every excuse in the book.How does it work?
How to Pickup Girls Using False Disqualifiers…instead of using corny pickup lines.
Everything detailed in the 50pg. E-book. Over 125 non-pickup lines included.Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

you Got pickup, you win

Free Videos and Articles on the Site

Visit our main site at GotPickup.com for tons of free videos, blog articles and links to the best advice to get you in bed with her.

Ebooks Will Get You In The Game

My newest book entitled “How to Pickup Girls Using False Disqualifiers” picks up where the originators of the concept left off. Highly controversial, it is the most effective strategy for seducing the hottest women in the field 8’s & 9’s.

GotPickup Gear is Here

Let other PUAs know you’re part of the club. An easy way to meet new wing-men.

The Ultimate PUA Phone App

People ask me why I don’t sell as many products as other coaches. Because I only release masterpieces. This app is like nothing else out there and the only one you’ll need. COMING SOON!

Social Media Keeps You Updated

My twitter feed is chock full of the latest PUA techniques, lines, memes & comic strips to keep you informed and entertained. Our secret Facebook group is an inner circle of guys who discuss game theory and bounce results off of each other. Infield video critiques and advice offered by 1.6k members.

Online Dating Profile Service

Some guys have so many matches on Tinder and Bumble, they have to cancel on dates, while others can’t seem to get a single hookup. If the latter is you, for a small fee, I will personally review you profile bio and pictures and suggest the necessary changes to make you a contender with the ladies. Shoot me an email and let’s discuss it.

buddies recommending me

“I first started following Gary on twitter and found his advice on getting chicks to be right on. He has given me so much value that getting any GotPickup product is a no-brainer”
GotPickup Lines App - The most dangerously effective pickup app ever made
Jason Latreau
“GotPickup has your back when it comes to girls. Learn from the best!”

Bradley Morris


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