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I am going to make a promise to you right now! I guarantee that l if you follow a couple the simple steps that I will show you then beautiful women (you know the ones you really want to meet) will start to send you messages and want to date you. I know how exciting it is to find an email from plenty of fish telling you that you have a new message or that a girl wants to meet you. I also feel the pain and know how depressing it is to view her and find out that she is a fat chick or plain ugly and not someone you would want to be seen with by your friends. Plenty of fish is a great site for average looking men IF you know the dirty little tricks! The first tip is : Message Title. Now I know at the time of doing this video POF has changed its format so you cannot put a catchy title in but this will change back soon. I am sure of it because it was so popular. OK a lot of guys simply put hey or hi in their message title. Now a beautiful woman will get 20 plus messages from men a day. Don’t believe me? Well if you want to see inside a hot womans pof account and see what I mean click the link below as we expose the shocking truth Make your message title a question! Make it a bit wacky or obscure. Remember this is the first contact you are having with this lady and it must stand out and prick her curiousity. Read her profile and ask a question about it in the title. Your pics and profile can be fantastic but if your message title is lame she will never even bother looking at them. Message content: You need to portray an image on POF in the ladies mind of what you are like and I find a great way of doing this is to say something like. “Hi Britney, I have just got back from the gym (this shows you are active and look after yourself, an attractive trait!) if you don’t go to the gym you can always make out you went there to get an application form if asked!! and logged on to POF quickly before I have to go to a meeting. You have made me late ! but I just wanted to say ……… (then pick something from their profile and show interest in it) The meeting could be catching up with a buddy or anything…. She isn’t to know but she will be curious ! You have done four things here…. 1) You have made her believe that you take pride in your appearance by going to the gym. You must make POF work for you and it can 2) Although you are a busy man you made the time to send her a message.. this will make her feel special 3) You are interested in her as a person not just her looks as you have asked her question about her profile. Women love that 4) Pricked her curiosity about the meeting…… she will wonder if you are a businessman, an executive etc Trust me it works. I do this all the time and I am NEVER short of dates with beautiful women.

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