Mystery Seduces a Party Full Of Cougars

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Mystery seduces a cougar
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Watch as the king of pickup in full peacock masterfully uses his proven techniques to wow and wonder these playful milfs. One, in particular, a 47 year old retired police officer can’t keep her eyes and paws off of him. Some try to make him lose his frame, but he masterfully puts them in check by using subtle negs and attention drops. He sprinkles his unique mysterious vibe throughout the room as women struggle to make sense of him. They try to size him up, but like Houdini, he escapes judgement while physically escalating with several dazzles damsels as he floats around the room. The audio is kind of crappy, but the live lesson is priceless.

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  1. Max

    Typical cougar comment at Have you ever done that….: Once

    Mystery has eyeliner, painted nails, the works.

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