Mystery and Discovery Talk Next Level of Game Pt.1

Mystery and Discovery discuss the “NEXT LEVEL OF GAME”,  Survival and Replication Value – explained – the core 5 DHV switches (Demonstrations of Higher Value) – Pre- Selection – 80% of the Game – Women Great judges of Character – Systematically demonstrating “You DON’T care” – His New Opener – The Titanic – Outcome Dependency – The 5 LEVELS OF GAME – Inner and Outer Game – How to become a Master Pickup Artist – How to become a PUA Coach and teach others – Locking in Discovery discusses: – being the High Value Group in a Venue – Being the Observed – How to be the ‘Flame’ – OSCA – the Missing Component of the Game and M3 model – WHY Obeying the “3 Second Rule” is fundamental to your game success – difference between Stimulating and DHV material – REAL Attraction – The Skill of Captivating a Group GET TO LOCK IN! 🙂 Love Mystery and Discovery

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