How To Make Her Chase You! 6 Attraction Switches

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Julien Blanc and Max from RSD
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6 NASTY attraction switches you can say to the girl to instantly make her chase. RSD Julien and RSD Max reveal their little verbal game tricks of what to say to a girl to make her chase you. Making her chase is way easier than it seams and while these tricks are obviously massively overgeneralized try it out and go for it in order to making her chase. It’s interesting because one big part of making a girl chase you is the ability to say NO. It sets you apart from the sea of chodes that don’t have the balls to say no and many girls will feel it hits their ego and boom it will make a girl chase you. Another really good thing is to create open loops by saying things along the lines of “nevermind”, she will chase you because she wants to fill the gap, fill the void of validation, massively powerful if you want to make girls chase you. One of my all time favorites though is the innocent question type. The neg gets hidden around 3 corners and making her chase is almost an inevitably natural thing because she can’t call you out on it. How to make a girl chase? Try going for this one if you’re advanced only haha How to make girls chase all in all is a game of nuances, the harder you try the less you’ll make girls chase. The more you’re able to learn the subtle nuances of these 6 irresistible things to say the harder you will make a girl chase you and the easier it will be for you to learn more things to say and more techniques on how to make girls chase you.

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