Justin Wayne On How To Get A Hot Girl Obsessed With You

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In this video, Justin Wayne shares his secrets for getting a hot girl obsessed with you.

We also discuss…

A very common and unnecessary mistake that most men make with their girlfriends. [1:53]

When the best time is tell the girl you’re with that you’re sleeping with other women. [3:54]

How Justin got 5 girls so OBSESSED with him that they got his name tattooed on their bodies. [6:28]

What “The Locking Process” is and how to use it to get a girl to do literally ANYTHING you want. [7:37]

How to get a girl used to doing things for you, so that she LOVES doing things for you. [12:51]

How to get a hot girl you’re sleeping with to be OK with you sleeping with OTHER hot girls. [16:17]

The difference between being “a player”, “a womanizer”, and “a polygamist”. [18:34]

How Justin deals with PROMISCUOUS GIRLS who want to sleep with other men too. [21:30]

Why YouTube BANNED one of his most controversial videos and what really happened. [24:26]

How Justin uses “The Romantic Connection” to get hot girls SUPER attracted to him. [30:30]

The single change Justin made that took his success with women to an entirely new level. [32:11]

Justin discusses his FAVORITE topic when it comes to the subject of picking up girls. [33:52]

Justin gives his best advice for a man who wants to know how to SUCCEED with women. [38:28]

Justin’s #1 tip that you can take right now to start getting better results with women immediately. [39:38]

Justin gives some financial advice for guys for getting happier without going broke. [42:26]

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