How to Start a Text Conversation with a Girl

How do you text a girl? Should you send witty texts? Do you text her the next day? This video will enlighten you about texting prowess. Don’t be a chump. Stop it with the smiley faces, LOLs, HAHAs, and exclamation points. You’re doing it wrong. This video explains how to start a text conversation wtih a girl. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge talk about the best first texts to send, how to text a girl, and the right way to text flirt. How to master text flirting, and text conversations is a skill you must learn. This video debunks some of the big text message mistakes men make and how to text a girl in a way that gets her to like you. Checkout their latest and greatest product, Magnetic Messaging that shows you how to turn her on and  get the girl in just 3 easy texts. Click Here!

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