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Want to find out how to pickup girls at the gym? In this video I teach you 3 SNEAKY TRICKS that will allow you to EASILY find and meet attractive women at the gym! No daygame pickup needed! No ridiculous canned openers, canned material, negs, pickup lines or ANY pickup artist ( pua ) tactics required!

DO NOT make the mistake of using direct openers aka direct game when approaching beautiful women at the gym! This is a common mistake student pickup artist’s ( pua’s ) make infield. Instead, use ONLY indirect game when approaching girls at the gym. Basically targets that you WILL see again! These targets ALSO include hired guns ( waitresses, bartenders, cashiers ) who work at places that you frequent.

HINT : Never go direct with attractive women that you WILL see again…regardless of what MANY daygame pickup artists, pua’s, and naturals tell you. This goes DOUBLE for attractive women that you want to meet at the gym!

When it comes to hot women that you’re going to end up seeing again, ALWAYS go in-direct and be as non-threatening as possible. Meaning NEVER let her suspect that you’re only talking to her because you’re trying to pick her up. So always keep your first interaction SHORT + NON-THREATENING.

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