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This shockingly weird trick will get you girls on Tinder unbelievably easy: Ever swiped right and wondered what you would have to do to have sex with this beautiful, hot girl? RSD Max reveals his astounding secret that will get you laid off Tinder! It’s not what you think…


Tinder no matches? Or not enough matches on tinder? You’d like to get your tinder game on point, optimize your profile to the fullest regardless of your looks or your actual textgame? These profile hacks (100% field tested!) + my insider tinder algorithm hack will help ya out! First off, be sure you adhere to the so called “snapshot effect” to create an image of “it just happened”, girls on tinder are craving for that effect and are proven to swipe much more when it’s applied correctly! We’ll also be talking extensively about your tinder profile description, how to create short and to the point PROOF that you are indeed a high value guy and it will instantaneously make her swipe right – boom match match match. The days of tinder no matches are over, you’ll never be wondering how to get more tinder matches because your consistent influx of tinder matches will simply be too much to handle lol. Seriously I don’t even go on tinder anymore that often. Once a day to reap the numbers from all the conversations started and i’m good lol. We’ll also be talking about how to have your tinder matches hit YOU up. Yup, you’ll get opened, no more silent tinder, your phone will keep ringing like you’re some sort of diplomat! You want to increase your tinder matches or your match rate on tinder? Well, then we’ll also be talking about try-hardness and how you can convey – subtly! – your cool hobbies, or even create cool looking hobbies out of thin air! I’ve been doing tinder game super extensively for years now and these tinder algorithm hacks and tinder profile hacks will get you the results! This is not some sort of mainstream “funny tinder prank” video, this is the real deal, this shit works and is field tested. You want more tinder matches because you’re currently getting no matches on tinder? Well, watch first, thank me later 😉

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