"When I go out to party, the one thing I like about this app is that I can always refer to the closers category to give me something to work with."
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Lee S.
Former Introvert, CA USA
"My clients have told me that having a library of pickup lines helped them overcome approach anxiety. After using GotPickup Lines, they'll never go back to not knowing what to say to a hottie in any location and at any time. This works!"
"This app really helped me infield, especially when I'm in a set that's going nowhere and I need a routine or thread to keep me going. It also helped me field-test openers and teases that I've come up with and see if other PUAs find them effective. I pulled my first 8 last month thanks to one of the sexualizers from this app!"
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Steve C.
Advanced Student, CA USA
"I never run out of things to say anymore and the girls think I'm a boss. Thanks man, your app is well worth the price."
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Cristobal S.
Divorced Dude, Costa Rica
"I use your latest closers all the time and it makes it much easier to get them to leave the bar with you. This app is worth way more to me than boot camps costing hundreds or thousands. You rock!"
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Sal L.
Beginner Las Vegas, NV USA
"Your app is the first place I go when I'm running day game. The situational openers are on point."
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Tosh L.
Day Gamer, Australia