Please be aware that installation of this app must be done through the install link provided to you via e-mail. The GotPickup Lines app will require you to install 2 apps:  one called “Appsheet” (the app platform) and a second that is the GotPickup Lines shortcut on your home screen.


Android devices: The install link will usually be able to install both apps at once (although older versions of Android may require separate installations).


iOS devices: You will have to visit the install link in the email twice; once to install the Appsheet app and once to install the shortcut to the GotPickup Lines app.


After installing both apps, the launch process will be the same for both mobile platforms. You will be required to sign in. The sign in method you choose must use the same email address that you provided for purchase since only that email has been white listed to allow you access to the app. Other login platforms will not be automatically accepted.


If you wish to change your login platform, please contact us via support.

Android Installation

iOS Installation