False Disqualifiers Ebook Cover

How to Pickup Girls Using False Disqualifiers

Table of Content

Introducing the False Disqualifier

False Disqualifier Uses
Selecting Your Target
The Rules of False Disqualifying

Rule #1 – Don’t Disqualify Her Based On Weight.

Rule #2 – The Best False Disqualifiers Are Balanced.

Rule #3 – The Delivery Must Be on Point.

Rule #4 – Don’t Over Disqualifier Her.


Types of False Disqualifiers

Behavioral false disqualifiers address quirky behaviors
Fashion false disqualifiers are a matter of taste
Physical Trait false disqualifiers devalue beauty/attractiveness
Belief false disqualifiers tell her she’s got it all wrong
Status false disqualifiers are subtle jabs at her social standing
Situational false disqualifiers involve location, dilema or drama
Atomic false disqualifiers – The option of last resort


False Disqualifier Variants

The Pos (The Positive)
The Anti-Disqualifier
Non-verbal False Disqualifiers


False Disqualifiers Ebook Cover