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It’s no secret that girls are attracted to guys with money, but you don’t need to spend any to achieve good results with them. Buying table service to fuck bottle rats at the club isn’t running game, anyway, it’s just glorified prostitution.

Clubbing and drinking can easily cost you hundred or even thousands of dollars per month and if you don’t have a baller’s budget, you must be resourceful in practicing pickup at these venues so as not to break your bankroll. If you’re just a cheap bastard like a couple of my friends, this article may be useful to you as well.

Most clubs have websites with guest lists that allow free entry before 11pm. Even clubs that don’t have an official guest list online often have event promoters who have guest lists on facebook or email lists that you can join. I sign up for several guest lists, just in case the crowd sucks and I want to hit up two or three venues. Using this method, you can avoid the nasty cover charge that can add up if you are a regular clubber.

Plan your attire so you don’t need to use the coat check in the club. Some clubs charge as much as $7 for a coat check that is just another revenue stream for them. I know of clubs that turn off the AC near midnight to encourage more drink sales and more coat checks. Leave the jackets, scarves and other warm clothes in the car.


If you have to drink, do so in your car (after you park) before entering the bar or club. Always be mindful of open container laws in your region. Remove the key from the ignition and sit in the back seat to avoid the heat. Some guys drink in the car together as bro-bonding time and refer to this act as the “pre-party.” Once in the bar, simply ask the bartender for a glass of ice water (tip him a buck for his effort). Girls have no idea what you’re drinking and as long as you’re holding a glass, they will assume you’re as buzzed as the they are. Clubs with hand stamps that allow in and out privileges enable you to dip out to your car for a few minutes to refresh your buzz and re-enter undetected.


Some guys like to take it one step further by sneaking a flask full of alcohol in a hidden pocket, but I personally don’t like the risk associated with this stunt, as it could get you banned from the venue for good.

If you do decide to order a drink, learn to nurse it, taking small sips and it can last you several hours.

When in a bar or club, wait until the drinks are paid for and served before opening the set. It saves you money and constant interruptions from the bartender asking for orders, handing back change, etc.

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Don’t get used by drink freeloaders. If she asks if you want to get a drink, tell her you have a DUI/DWI & can’t because you’re on probation. This is an excellent excuse because it gives you rebel / badboy status at the same time as a valid reason as to why you can’t drink with her (most girls won’t ask you to buy them a drink if you’re not going to partake).

Don’t buy girls drinks unless you kiss close them first. It separates the DTF girls from the attention whores and the users. And as an added benefit, it keeps you from wasting money on the latter. Once a girl has made out with you, there’s no guarantee that she’ll bang you, but your chances are greatly improved because she’s allowing you to get to first base.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your cheap broke ass in the field and out of the poorhouse. Game on, baller on a buget!

By the way, I have the greatest collection of tested openers and closers that guys use to pull from clubs in the Got Pickup Lines app for Android and iOS.

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