Dread Game Bake it Right

Baking some nice french breakfast cakes with coffee, and explaining how Dread helps a man reclaim his masculinity after living in a sexless relationship. Then, get working on removing the sexless relationship from your life. It will happen, just maybe not with her.

DMs and Dates During Hard Times

Young Raymond gives us his secrets for getting dates during pandemic times. He gives you the secret sauce for getting girls off the app, onto a Facetime, and into your life. Looking for great online openers, responses, negs, closers and more? Checkout the Got Pickup Lines app at https://GotPickupLines.com

How To Practice and Track Game

Todd puts the science into practice the way athletes do. As much as I teach game technique in nearly every video. It’s the PROCESS of game that will really get you good. Think of it like the difference between being informed of new discoveries in science versus LEARNING THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD… the latter is the… Continue reading How To Practice and Track Game

Never Chase Women – Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is a poker player, Instagram influencer, and founder of the Cannabis & CBD company, IGNITE International. After being honorably discharged from the military, following a four-year service and 2 Navy SEAL hell weeks, he attended the University of Florida where he learned to gamble. In one year on the professional poker circuit he… Continue reading Never Chase Women – Dan Bilzerian

Words To Create Sexual Tension

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU8c-XWpgsc Most guys shy away from sexual tension or outright destroy it instead of fostering it, which often leads to sex. The words you use make an enormous difference in your results. Some words are dealbreakers, and some words are just non-sexual. Lean the words that make your interactions man-to-woman and set the frame in… Continue reading Words To Create Sexual Tension

Demonstrating Higher Value

By the way, I have collected many of the best DHV openers, false disqualifiers and responses in the Got Pickup Lines app available at http://GotPickupLines.com Scroll below to watch more videos on how to demonstrate higher value. Imagine if you could instantly become more charismatic and be treated as having more status and power? Bobby Rio teaches you… Continue reading Demonstrating Higher Value

Game: Your First 60 Seconds

Todd goes through all of the predictable responses a girls can give you and how to recognize the common patterns and handle them through practice. If you’re looking for an amazing collection of openers, qualifiers, responses and more, checkout the Got Pickup Lines app at https://GotPickupLines.com.

Decoding 10 Common Text Messages

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bXEQsdnwtw Women are anything but straightforward in the way they communicate, even over text. This covert and indirect language is used to cover themselves and to give themselves a wide array of options in her decisions. Tripp Advice decodes womanese for you so you’ll understand the real meaning and her intent behind these common messages.… Continue reading Decoding 10 Common Text Messages

3 Texting Secrets To Keep Her Attracted

Get the very best text openers, responses, closers, re-engagement texts and more in the Got Pickup Lines app at https://GotPickupLines.com When it comes to texting girls you can’t afford to be clueless these days. After all, girls (and guys) are on their phones non stop texting back and forth and unless you can do a… Continue reading 3 Texting Secrets To Keep Her Attracted

Kyle’s Club Kiss and Number Close

Watch Kyle’s infield as he overcomes cockblocks and reveals his kino technique to kiss and number close. For the ultimate night club openers, cockblock responses and more checkout the Got Pickup Lines app at https://GotPickupLines.com.

Girls Give Advice on How to Open

When being asked for advice about what attracts them, women will either lie to you and/or themselves, or they’ll offer contradictory advice altogether. In any case, never ask a fish how to get caught. Ask the fisherman. For real field tested openers, checkout the Got Pickup Lines app at https://GotPickupLines.com.

3 Short Stack To Sleep With Her

Jason gives us 3 SHORT steps to sleep with the girl of your dreams tonight. This method revealed here is fantastic, and well-tested. Enjoy the vid and the ferocious pandemonium exhibited by the badasses in attendance. Get the GotPickupLines.com app for the best openers, negs, responses and closers in one easy reference at https://GotPickupLines.com